For use of studio call 267-879-6310

The purpose of the Gage Recording Studio at WKM is to provide our community and local artists with the equipment and services needed to record their music or other creative productions. We believe that expressing oneself through music is a transformative and positive experience and the Gage Recording Studio is here for just that! We are flexible as to how the studio is used; bands have rented it, non-profit agencies have run youth programs through it, and workshops have been taught in the studio. The sky is the limit!

The Gage Recording Studio has the following equipment available for you to use:


  • Protools 10
  • iMac
  • PreSonus Digital Mixing Board (at least 12 channels)
  • Studio Microphone
  • Sound-proof Room and Separate Control Room
  • Various Instruments (drum set, acoustic and electric guitars, hand percussion instruments and keyboards)
For use of studio call 267-879-6310